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   Welcome to the world of Scarry F.N. Larry's. Here you will see autos that will truly amaze you! As you can see from the car above, that we don't build your ordinary cars!  Just move your mouse over the buttons to the left to see a pic of the car it links to. We have built a lot of custom hotrods for the major auto shows .
     Scarry started out in a one car garage in Detroit, MI with an old hot water heater tank and a old Chrysler a/c pump as the compressor, and a paint gun he got at a garage sale.  Now he has  all the top of the line tools and equipment. Well enough of that, after 20+ years it's time Scarry went International.
    All cars are for sale. Just e-mail Scarry Larry at the link on the left to make an offer. The asking prices are on the pages with the cars. Keep checking back to see what's next. We're going to be adding more pics soon and music. We're also looking into a live web cam also.                                                             Well we have been very busy lately, with Detroit's Autorama  just around the corner. Hope to see you there!
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